Privacy Policy

  1. Collecting Your Info: First things first, OnlyFans collects some of your details. This includes the basic stuff like your name and email, but also the content you post, your messages, and even payment info. Why? Well, they need it to make their service work for you.

  2. Using Your Info: So, what do they do with this info? Mainly, they use it to run the site, like helping you log in or handling your payments. They also use it to improve their services, keep things secure, and sometimes to suggest content or users you might like.

  3. Sharing Your Info: Here’s a biggie: who gets your info? OnlyFans shares some of it with other users (obviously, otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a social platform!). They also share info with companies that help them run the site, like payment processors. And yes, in certain legal situations, they might have to share info with authorities.

  4. Your Choices: You’ve got some control here! You can decide what info you want to share on your profile and you can access or update your personal info too. If you ever want to leave OnlyFans, you can delete your account, but remember, some of your info might stick around in their systems for legal reasons.

  5. Protecting Your Info: OnlyFans takes steps to keep your info safe, but remember, no system is foolproof. Be smart about your own privacy – like not sharing passwords.

  6. Cookies and Tracking: Yep, they use cookies (those tiny data files, not the chocolate chip kind). This helps them see how you use the site and can be used for targeted ads.

  7. Changes to the Policy: Policies change, and if they do, OnlyFans will let you know. Keep an eye on those updates!

  8. Contacting OnlyFans: Got questions? You can always reach out to them directly.